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6 Exact Natural Ways For Faster Beard Growth With Accurate Foods And Supplements

In most of the cultures and religions, the beard is associated with masculinity and known as a symbol of pride and power. This is the reason that guys are interested to know more about beard growth and “grow beard faster” is one of the most searched phrases on Google.

Beard GrowthGrowing a full and thicker beard can be a real challenge for some men due to different reasons. Because beard growth depends on different factors and varies from individual to individual.

Many men want to know that how to increase beard growth naturally and they are eager to learn how to grow beard naturally at home. In this guide, I am going to share with you the few beard growth tips that will help you to increase beard growth at home without any extra effort.

Take care of your body

Taking care of your body is really important because facial hair growth depends on your overall health and condition of the body. For good and strong hairs, start eating foods which are rich in proteins such as fish, milk, eggs, beans etc.

Avoid stress because stress is one of the major reason of hair loss particularly in men.  You can reduce stress in your life by adopting healthy lifestyle such as exercise daily for half an hour and take proper sleep at least 8 hours in a day.

Exercise helps to promote beard hair growth by improving blood circulation. Use a scrub or an exfoliator in a week to remove the dead skin cells of the face. This will also help to enhance beard growth.

Try to keep your face clean as much as possible on the daily basis. Wash your face with warm water and mild soap at least twice a day. Clean face helps tiny hairs to grow.

Always remember the most important thing to do in all this regard is to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Following foods are proven and guaranteed for increasing beard growth naturally

Diet and Foods For Beard Growth Naturally

Follow the Process

One of the biggest reasons for men struggling with beard growth is that they give up at the point where progress is supposed to be made. Growing beard is not a one-day game that you will try something in a night and you will see results in the morning. Instead, it’s a process and every process takes a certain time. So when it comes to beard growth so the patience is the key.

Grow Beard Faster
Grow Beard Faster

When you will try to grow beard quickly then your skin will experience itching to the extent that you will find it really difficult to stop scratching the beard all the time. Those folks who are not serious about growing beard will go through with this comfort of itching and they will end up shaving beard.

To grow beard naturally and in a smooth way, you have to give at least four weeks to hairs for growth. During this period, you will face uncontrollable itching many times. If you successfully avoid the temptation of shaving it off during itching, then a time will come when itching will be reduced and the hair growth will be smooth and less irritating.

Beard Growth Supplements

You can also use beard growth supplements along with good and proper diet in order to have a thicker beard. The supplements enriched with minerals and vitamins will help your beard to grow faster. Consult your physician and try to take at least 2 mg of biotin every day.

You can get this supplement from health food and vitamin stores easily. This supplement will improve the growth of your nails and facial hair.

Start consuming foods which are rich in minerals and vitamins in order to get healthy and thick hairs.

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Try to increase the daily intake of vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, beta-carotene, flax seed oil, and nettle. In desire of growing beard quickly, don’t overdo supplements.

Always consult your doctor and tell them which supplements you are going to take and what results you are expecting so they can guide and provide you a healthy supplement routine.

Say No to Grooming

Beard Grooming

When you will be growing beard, you will feel that irregular forest is going on your face. During this period, you will have the urge to trim or cut the hairs of the beard. It can be difficult to avoid this temptation but the fact is that beard will grow quickly if you leave it alone.

After 4 or 6 months, you can groom your beard in the way you want. Like you can trim or cut hairs from any area of the beard.

Drink Enough Water

Not only your body but your beard also needs sufficient amount of water for growth. It is quite obvious that many men don’t drink enough water and hydrate themselves properly.

Water contains many vitamins and minerals which are essential for beard growth. Dehydration or less amount of water will result is slow beard growth.

When you will not be drinking enough water according to the need of your body then it means that blood flow towards your face will be reduced and beard growth will be less.

According to scientists, an adult man should drink 64 to 80 oz. of water in a day in order to grow a healthy beard.

Moisturize Beard

Beard growth oilCleanliness and moisturization of beard do not only help beard to look fuller but is an effective way of growing a beard quickly. Beard growth oil made from natural ingredients will keep your beard moisturized.

If you will not moisturize your beard, then it’s more likely to break and have hairs with split-ends.

In the market, there are so many beard growth oils that you may feel confused in order to buy one for you. Of course, all oils in the market are not of same quality.

Some researchers suggest that beard growth oils with eucalyptus can give you better results than other beard growth products.


There are many products such as sprays and oils for beard growth and they claim to give immediate and instant results. No doubt beard growth oils have many benefits but growing beard instantly is not one of them.

The best thing you can do for growing beard quickly is the adoption of a healthy lifestyle which will help you to get a healthy body and eventually a healthier and thick beard.

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