About Regrow me

Pile of rotten food

I want to raise awareness about the food waste problem in Australia. Small changes can make a big difference.

The Issue

Australia wastes about 7.6 millions tonnes of food every year across farms, transportation, restaurant and homes

We waste a huge amount of what we buy:

300kgs of food waste per person and nearly $3800 each house hold every year.

Vegetables You Can Regrow From Scraps

1. Shallots

Plant it root end down in some quality potting soil, place it in a sunny window, keep it watered and watch it grow. This is a great first kitchen scrap gardening project because the green part of the onion will grow back quickly. In less than two weeks it will be tall enough to snip the top off to eat. Then you can plant and keep enjoying them!

2. Celery

Cut stalks off about two inches from the bottom of the celery bunch and place that white base in a shallow bowl of water, spraying the top daily to keep it moist

After several days roots will begin growing from the base and leaves will grow from the top. After about a week, you can plant in soil with only the leaves above the surface.

3. Onions

Another simple one to regrow from scraps are bulbs, such as yellow or red onions. Simply cut a one-inch piece off the root end of the onion and set it on the ground or in a bowl of shallow water with the cut surface above the water. It will soon begin to regenerate its roots which can then be planted in soil. You can even set an entire onion in water and watch it sprout! Then it can be planted outside in the garden.